No more hiding behind the bushes in speed traps

Who would not have tried to evade speed traps when driving in our roads? Probably none, so with it must have been some very good news recently when the police announced that the ‘hiding’ days of the police are over.

This announcement was made by Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar, the Deputy Inspector-General of Police. He said that the days of the speed trap ambushers are over and that motorists will not need to worry that they will be ‘caught off guard’ when speeding on the highways.

Therefore, the next time you are caught for speeding, chances are you will have already been forewarned beforehand. If you choose to ignore, then you probably deserve to be given a summon. This is part of the latest initiative by the police force to promote transparency in carrying out their responsibilities.

Khalid said that the police should not and need not be hiding behind bushes as has been done in the past and instead they should come out in the open in their efforts to enforce the law. So the force will now be issuing warnings and signs before any roadblocks so that motorists are aware and that they will then be able to slow down.

This means that should you choose to ignore the ‘warnings’ and continue speeding, then you will get what you deserve. This is seen as a welcoming move by the public as it would serve as a better way of catching those who speed on the highways. However, it would have a bearing significance to the revenue of the police force who from 2000 to 2008 have recorded outstanding summons amount of nearly RM2 billion most of which are from speed offenders.

Having said that, it would also be clear that the police are not out for revenue and instead move towards better safety on the road and that such laws are carried out and enforced accordingly and more transparently.

This would however be a step into the right direction for the public to be aware of road safety and would surely be a more positive way of enforcing the law instead of the previously ‘hiding’ tactics.