Now you can own a Ferrari 360 Modena Spider Based on the Toyota MR2 on eBay


This is something you do not get to see everyday although it is quite a common phenomenon especially if you are used to buying cars through eBay. Basically, this is a Toyota heart with a Ferrari body so to speak.

Currently on sale on eBay, it is a car that looks almost exactly like the Ferraro 360 Modena Spider but is actually a Toyota MR2.

As a matter of fact, it is the 2000 version of the MR2 and according to the seller, it is an Italian styled sports car with a Japanese dependability. No one is suggesting that Italian cars are not dependable though but if it is Japanese, then you get a stronger sense of confidence somehow. This replica of the Modena Spider is very much restricted to only the exterior body panels which is as far as you can go while the interior are pretty much keep to its original which is why you still get the Ferrari-badged seat covers.

According to the fact sheet, mileage of this cool machine is about 175,000km and is sold for US20,000 where it is listed in the Pennsylvania town of Norristown. This is surely the best of both worlds if you get the drift.