On their own, Saab does better with their new PhoeniX concept


Put on show at the recent Geneva Motor Show, Swedish car brand Saab unveiled their latest Saab PhoneiX which attributes to their other latest model, the Independence Edition of their 9-3 Convertible. This would be one of the models which has been rolled out by Saab since they left the General Motors brand stable and suffice to say, it is quite impressive.

This new model is designed by popular automotive designer Jason Castriota who has been involved with the design of the recently Ferrari P4/5 under the Pininfarina and Bertone Mantide design direction. For this, it is typically a hatchback concept model which is designed using Saab’s contemporary ‘aeromotional’ design language. According to the company, its inspiration is drawn from their first ever model, the iconic Ursaab. This is where they have put in the 2+2 configuration and comes with a 1.6 liter turbocharged inline 4 engine paired with their own XWD all-wheel-drive system. This boosts out some 200 horses on its exceptionally efficient powertrain. The nicer touch here is the butterfly opening doors here with its ‘minimalist’ design as a whole.

It also comes with Saab’s new IQon infotainment and communications system with CO2 emission at only 119g/km. Fuel consumption is recorded at 5.01 liters per kilometre. This concept follows the ‘wind’ idea with its liquid-like skin and the teardrop design cabin, drawing the likes of a dark ice block inside that springs up in the middle. Behind the car, you will see a dark screen while in front is the standard 3 port grille usually seen in Saab designs. Blink and you might miss the LED headlamps in front.

To ensure a smooth and silky body design, you can hardly find the door handles where this car uses small cameras placed on stalks to give you the rearward vision when driving. ‘Winglets’ are mounted on the roof to channel air from the side to the back for better stability and aerodynamics. According to Saab, the PhoeniX is designed to be driver oriented with a 45º tilted sitting arrangement as well as an 8-inch touch-screen within reach of the driver. The IQon is designed using Google’s Android operating system that gets you connected to the internet when driving. This surely is the way of the way of the future and with what is seen here, Saab surely got it figured out since leaving GM.