Onward to the future with the new Toyota NS4 plug-in concept

These are surely exciting times for the automotive industry not only around the world but also in Malaysia as well with more models and futuristic designs making their way onto the roads.


Japanese car giant Toyota recently unveiled the NS4 advanced plug-in hybrid concept which will be the platform of their new design direction. This is where you can just fathom how the future will be like which comes with a lift-back design with swan-wing doors.

Technology is the order of the day with mirrors being replaced with cameras where you will get a panoramic view of the rear with the images being displayed on the dashboard mounted screen. Insider the car, you get a HMI (Human-Machine InterfacE) where it is typically a multi-touch screen designed based on the smartphone concept, which means that if you own a smartphone, you pretty much know how to use this.

No technical information of what is under the hood as yet but the statement from Toyota is that it will be lighter, more compact, more economical and powerful and takes a shorter charging period. A PCS (Per-Collision System) with lane departure and pedestrian collision avoidance systems included while you also get ADB (adaptive driving beam) headlamps and other cool techs as well. Now that’s how the future is going to be like.