Opel RAK e electric concept is the future of urban motoring which will be affordable

If you haven’t already know, Opel started off as a sewing machine manufacturer before it went on to produce bicycles and then on to cars.


And with that historical behind them, they looked towards the future with their new Opel RAK e-electric concept car. One would need to trace back to the time when Opel released their RAK 2 some 90 years ago and now the new RAK seeks to show their vision of the future where it is an ideal vehicle for urban mobility which will surely suit the purpose here.

The concept is a 4 wheel vehicle made from steel body and is very light. Weighing only 838 pounds, they are looking to produce an eco-friendly car which is practical, economical and affordable. Its engine is a 5kWh lithium-ion battery powered, 49 horsepower engine. That would be sufficient to get you up to 62 miles or 100 kilometers. With that, it can also reach 120 km/h in no more than 13 seconds. No confirmation yet when they will be sending this into the conveyor belts but something of this sort will surely be. The design is modern, contemporary and futuristic and surely would be a head-turner. One very cool element about this is that the pedals and the steering wheel will adjust according to the size of the driver and easily fits 2 passenger.