Panoz Abruzzi – a tribute to Le Mans

First impressions are that it looked very much like a bat-mobile although it is anything but one. The car is designed and manufactured using an industry breakthrough Recyclable Energy Absorbing Matrix System. This would be a multi-layer composite system which is as strong as than carbon fiber where it is dent-resistant, shatter-proof and amazingly, recyclable.

The Panoz also comes with the Trifecta-cooling technology which, apart from the standard radiator systems found in cars to cool down the engine, this technology cools down the temperature of the coolant on the radiator’s inflow and outflow. Not much has been reported on what you get under the hood but you can rest assure that it would most likely come with an over 600 horsepower engine. According to Panoz, the car will come with ‘astounding down-force and road holding’ on its front-engine, rear-transaxle and rear-radiator setup.

In further expanding their design rationale, all 81 units of the Panoz Abruzzi will be unique with its own characteristics and in this case, based on each edition of the 24 hour endurance race. You will find that each unit is designed based on a specific edition of the race. The chassis number will contain a particular race year, date and the winner’s initials.

No prices are released as yet but buyers would have their units shipped to La Sarthe from the United States. On top of that, the owner will then drive the car with the coach from professional instructors on the Bugatti circuit where they will also be guests at the Le Mans race as well as take the parade lap on the track. Now that is what we mean by driving a special car at a special event and feeling special.