People who drive luxury cars think they are immune to accidents – MIROS

According to MIROS (Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research), the unsafe driving styles of drivers of luxury vehicles are fast becoming a major issue in road accidents. Prof Dr Wong Shaw Voon, the director-general of MIROS said that unsafe driving behavior like reckless driving and speeding can lead to road accidents and this involves vehicles in the luxury and high-performance categories as well.

High-performance and luxury vehicles have been known to be equipped with high-technology and state-of-the-art safety features. But despite that, it does not mean that those vehicles are so safe that they become ‘immune’ to accidents. In fact, when an accident occurs, it could be mild or fatal regardless of whether it is a luxury car or a high-performance vehicle.

As such, the driver’s life is at risk in the event of an accident. This is because those who drive such cars think that just because they have the safety features, they tend to drive faster. But they are not aware that the higher the speed, the higher the risk of accidents. It does not mean that the driver is ‘safe’ during an accident when the vehicle breaches the 200km/h or anything around that bracket.

MIROS is asking drivers to observe the speed limit and traffic rules on all roads regardless of what car they drive be it an entry-level sedan or a high-end luxurious vehicle. Apart from that, the rear seat belts ruling is currently in force and those who breach this ruling will be caught and subsequently fined.