Perodua applying to manufacture sedans above 1.5 liter

Reports have it that Perodua (Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua), the makers of the most popular compact cars in Malaysia, the Perodua Myvi is seeking permission from the government to roll out bigger cars.

They are currently not allowed to produce cars above 1.5 liters under the original agreement between the company and the government of Malaysia since it was established in 1993 which was why it has been producing compact cars all these while.

This arrangement would be reviewed as part of the NAP (National Automotive Policy)’s revision and if they are approved, then you can expect bigger capacity cars from Perodua which might be at the 1.6 and 1.8 levels. Once the start rolling out cars of that capacity, then Perodua would be making sedan cars which they currently do not have. According to the sources, the bigger cars might be modeled after the Bezza concept prototype which was revealed at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show in 2010.

This would surely be an exciting move forward for Perodua who despite being able to sell cars below 1.5 liter engines have been the market leader in Malaysia through its highly successful Myvi, while the Viva and their Alza MPV have also been hugely successful as well.