Perodua confident of selling 195,000 units with recovery of supplies

The second national car Perodua or Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd is confident that they will be able to meet their 2011 target of rolling out sales of 195,000 units especially with the plans of a new model launch by August on course as well as the returning of the supply chain to normal. Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh, the Managing Director of Perodua said that the production of Perodua cars will return to normal between June and July after the recent setback caused by the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan causing disruptions in the supply of parts and materials. He also said that the introduction of the new model, which many speculated to be the replacement model for the top selling Perodua Myvi will take place between May and August this year.
He said that the company is currently in recovery mode which is earlier than many had expected and they are also ahead of other brands in this situation. Therefore, the company will be looking to ramp up their production levels in the next few months in order to meet the shortages faced recently where they will have to sell 16,200 units per month in order to meet their target.
He said that the reason why Perodua has been able to recover so quickly as compared to others was due to the fact that production of Perodua cars had a high local content while having the full support of its stakeholders. Furthermore, the Japanese suppliers also recovered much faster than it was earlier predicted. He reported that since the March 11 earthquake, Perodua just like any other automotive manufacturers have been facing a shortage of supplies from Japan and a total of 23 engine components and accessories from all its product lines were affected. This includes the Myvi, ViVa and the Alza. He said that as it is currently on recovery mode, the shortages would continue this month although it would be very minimal. At the moment, the Alza woud be effected but it would only be due to the paint supply issue. With the new model coming up, Aminar is confident that it will be on course to achieving its target for the year where he said that it would very much about better performance and fuel consumption.