Perodua is best selling brand in Malaysia for 2010, again

The second national car maker Perodua (Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd) has emerged as the top car company in the country again. This would be the fifth time Perodua took the position consecutively with their very popular Myvi being the best selling model in Malaysia. The Perodua Myvi has been on top and this means that Malaysians still love the car despite a new Myvi coming up in the near future.

Perodua holds a market share of 31.2% and with their all-time record sales of 188,600 units in 2010, this means it is the best selling car brand in the country. The 13% increase in sales were mainly due to the strong demand from the customers for more affordable cars in the compact car segment. In contrast, Perodua sold 166,700 units the year before but that was enough for it to be the top brand as well.

Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh, the Managing Director of Perodua announced the news that the sales for 2009 was also less than that of the year before (2008) where they rolled out some 176,400 units and commanded a 30.5% market share that year. The company did much better in 2010 though when they broke 2 records. Perodua recorded the highest ever yearly sales while for the month of December, there were 19,400 units registered which was the highest monthly figure ever. The previous record was set in March last year when they rolled out 18,500 units.

Aminar also said that the company is confident that the momentum will continue through to this year after last year’s overwhelming performance where they sold 77,000 units of the Myvi, which is also the top selling model in the country while the Perodua Alza became the best selling MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) when they rolled out 42,000 units. The smallest compact car from Perodua, Viva meanwhile chalked up 69,000 units in sales. To build on the good performance of the company, they are looking to sell 195,000 units this year from its current fleet of Myvi, Alza and the Viva where there will be a launch of a new model sometime this year. He did not mention which model it would be but it is believed to be the new Myvi model.