Perodua launches Myvi Exclusive Edition

One thing for sure, this time around, Perodua is not going to produce unlimited units of as there will only be 5,000 units to be rolled out of the Exclusive Edition. Essentially, this is a no brainer, the engine is exactly the same as any other Myvi’s which is the 1.3 liter DVVT engine which is the K3-VE inline-4 DOHC that comes with Variable Valve Timing system. It boosts out some 86 horsepowers at 6,000rpm and a maximum torque of 116Nm at 3,200rpm. So far, reports of a more powerful version (the 1.5 liter engine) has yet to be announced and Perodua is not saying anything about it so if you are looking for a car which is faster, you will have to go and get the upcoming MPV by Perodua.

Having said that, it is not as if the Exclusive Edition is all about the negatives because it does come with some very nice looking new parts. The most promising area would be the audio system which has come under fire over the years after Perodua’s unchanging stand over its limited and under par quality. This version comes with a 2-DIN system which definitely looks way better than its standard dash-integrated system. At least this one comes with MP3, WMA and USB support as well as Bluetooth connectivity system which is also the same audio system in the SE.

Apart from that, you will like the new 14 inch alloy wheels, new side skirts as well as the chrome door handles. The leather trimmings in the steering wheels, some parts of the upholstery and some parts which do look good really. Pricd at RM51,000 for the solid colour and another RM500 for the metallics, there will be 3 to choose from which are Ivory White, Ebony Black and Medallion Grey. If you asked me, I am not sure what is the rational of positioning this model in between a stock Myvi and the SE variant if it is supposedly an ‘Exclusive’ edition, but having said that, its just good that it gives buyers something to look forward to, otherwise everything looks pretty standard.

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