Perodua launches top of the line Viva Elite

It is called the Viva Elite. Fresh from the oven and into the streets, this variant is catered to those who are looking for a car which is economical but for the more style conscious. With this release, the Viva now has had its product lineup revamped. In the past, there were only the 660, 850 and 1,000 cc variants but now they go with the abbreviations of 660BX MT and EX MT, 850 MT, 1.0 AT, 1.0 Elite MT, AT and EZi respectively.

This means that if you are looking to buy the Elite, then you got 3 different choices to choose from. the top of the range which is the EZi is RM44,900, the MT (manual) and AT (Automatic) Elites are at RM37,900 and RM40,900 respectively. A price bracket below is the 1.0AT which is positioned at RM36,900 while the 850 MT costs RM32,900. The 660EX is RM28,900 and the entry level model is RM25,300 (660BX).

For the Elite, the aesthetics have been upgraded along side what you would have seen with the Myvi SE which somehow gives you the impression that it is a ‘younger’ version of the Myvi SE. The Elite has its own unique front bumpers and grille as well as the integrated foglamps with its original design of the engine hood. It comes with 14 inch alloy wheels, which gives you more style and stability.

Inside the car, space is the same as the original version with a single deck MP3 and WMA CD player as well as cool accessories like seat backpockets, an underside tray as well as new fabric design. If you take the EZi, the side mirrors are automatically retractable although all Elite versions give you electrical adjustable mirrors. Of course, the top of the range gives you the full accessories which includes safety features like dual SRS airbags, ABS Brakes, EBD and Brake assist system. The non-Elite models do not have power steering to entice you to opt for the Elite instead of the lower variants.

The repositioning of the Viva means that Perodua has made their intention clear to ensure that they dominate the mini compact car market and with so many variants to choose from, they are set to capture quite a large segment of those who are looking for an economical and easy to drive car.