Perodua stops Kancil production to be replaced by Viva 660BX

The Perodua Viva which was launched as the replacement model for Kancil, Kelisa and some say the Kenari and have done so pretty successfully. Since then, the Viva has established itself as one of the best compact car in its category really. In fact so good has the car been that it has even won the Frost and Sullivan “Best Value for Money Model of the Year” for 2 years consecutively in 2008 and 2009.

This is nicely reflected by its more ‘senior’ car, the Myvi which won the Best Model of the Year for Malaysia in 2007. Not bad for Perodua ain’t it. Therefore, if you are to replace your old Kancil or Kelisa with the Viva, you are in for a treat because this car really gives you value for money.

This week marks the last unit of the Kancil in production where there will be no more new cars rolling out anymore from Perodua. If you are looking for a cheap and economical compact car, you will have to opt for the Viva 660 BX manual version. So far, Perodua had only released the 660 EX which comes with accessories and costs you RM28,000++ depending on which colour you take.

They will be launching the stripped down version of the 660cc version, which means all the accessories had been taken off to offer you the cheapest compact car you can find. The 660BX comes with the DVVT 660cc engine which gives you 47horsepowers at 7,200rpm and 58Nm of torque. Of course, stripped down means you don’t get power windows, audio player, reverse sensors, power windows and central locking. You can choose the colour between Glittering Silver, Ivory White and Ebony Black but comes with unpainted bumpers. All for RM25,300.