Perodua to expand exports to more markets

He said “This year our (export) target is between 2,700 and 3,000 units but we need time to study the possibility of increasing the volume, particularly in the new areas. last year, Last year, Perodua exported about 2,000 vehicles, Our emphasis is within Asean. We are already in Singapore and Brunei and we would like to increase the market share. In the long term we might also look at South Africa,”

Aminar added that the company has set up a team to study the marketability and feasibility study of the new markets as well as to select the best dealers and distributor networks. In January alone, Perodua recorded sales of 16,200 cars while in 2009, they only sold 11,900. This had enhanced Perodua’s market share from 33% to 31% and their target for this year is to roll out 176,000 while last year, they recorded 166,700 units.

The bookings for the new Alza too has been very promising which Aminar said that to date has reached 21,500 and that the company is currently working to meet the demand and reduce the waiting time for the popular MPV which currently is at 3 months. They are trying to reduce that to two and a half months.