Perodua Tweckbot back is back with free checks for Raya season

The Hari Raya celebrations are coming around again and each year, Malaysians from all walks of life commemorates this with the balik kampong tradition. Meanwhile, it means more cars on the road and the exodus along the highway would surely be congesting.

As such, car maintenance will be the focus and like the last few years, Perodua will be mobilizing its Tweckbot team. This will be the fourth year that Perodua is organizing this programme where customers will enjoy a free vehicle check during the Ramadan and Hari Raya season.

There will be 4 teams involved in this social media-based Tweckbot programme. Customers will ge ta free 50-point vehicle safet check and the teams will be on-the-move throughout the 14-day period.

The intention is to assist customers and motorist in ensuring that their vehicles are road worthy and can stand the long-distance travel during balik kampong around Peninsular Malaysia.

According to Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh, the president and CEO of Perodua, customers will know where the Tweckbot teams are through social networks like Twitter and Facebook as well as on Perodua’s website. This event will start from June 3 where the team will be checking the likes of the coolant system, the brakes, power steering, clutch, suspension, electrical system and the engine, among others. After checking, the customers will enjoy a 20% discount on parts and accessories if they send their vehicles to authorized Perodua service centres around the country for service, maintenance or repairs that are recommended by the Tweckbot team.