Peugeot shows the future direction with the SR1 Concept

The first impression anyone would get is that it looks very different from the current DNA of Peugeot cars which is the elongated headlights and the humongous front grilles. In its place are a more elegant looking hood and the seamless fenders which looks way more cooler than any other car you might have seen of this class.

You get the nice looking leather, wood grain and futuristic knobs inside the car where they have also included the modern digital and traditional analog displays. The lithe tubular chassis is engulfed with one big piece of plastic which is then fitted with doors, the hood and the retractable roof.

This is one of the models from Peugeot that showcases the new ‘Lion’ emblem design. The SR1 is based on the ‘Grand Touring Car’ concept which comes with a large bonnet where the hard top is developed using pre-formed profile technology made famous by the sailing industry. The 3 seater roadster is where you get to sit one person behind the other 2 in front. Under the hood is the 1.6 liter turbo petrol engine that powers up its front wheels. On the rear is where you will find the 70kW electric motor which is responsible to power up the rear wheels.

With the 160kW coming from the petrol engine, both power trains will give you an added power of 230kW which means you are practically moving on an all-wheel drive system. If you like, you can also drive on its electric mode and the you are then driving a zero-emission car. Fuel consumption of the SR1 is 4.9 liters per 100 kilomters with 119g per kilometer of CO2.

Somehow, you can be sure that the SR1 will not make it to production as yet as it is a bit too extravagant at the moment but it surely looks good on paper on the concept which Peugeot can move forward to in the future. This is the case with the HYbrid4 concept which is shown in the SR1 where Peugeot has announced that will be going into production soon.