Peugeot to launch new compact sedan for new markets, the Peugeot 301 in September


French automotive giant Peugeot recently released images of their new Peugeot 301 which will be a new compact sedan model where they are positioning it to compete in new markets.


Set to be launched at this September’s Paris Motor Show, it will be the first through its new naming policy of its models. Using the ‘1’ in the final digit, it is to show that this is the ‘value for money’ model and it will end with the ‘8’ at the end of the name.

The new 301, which measures at 4.44 meter long is specifically made where it is able to adapt in different and extreme weather regardless if they are hot and cold and comes a 1.6 liter VTi, 4 cylinder engine on the top range spectrum. This will get you up to 115 horses while the lower range version is the 1.2 liter VTi, 3 cylinder engine that boost out 72 horses.

There is also a diesel engine powered up through its 92 horse 1.6 liter HDi powertrain and they will come with either manual or automatic transmission gearboxes respectively. Standards will include 4 airbags, remote boot opening system, Bluetooth and USB connectivity while there will be more as the launch day comes nearer. Turkey has been identified to be the first country to get the 301 before moving to other markets.