What makes the Peugeot brand so interesting is that it actually started as a coffee mill company. This French automotive brand has one of the oldest histories in the world today where it was actually founded in 1810. However, as automobiles were not invented yet, it was mainly involved as a coffee mill company before moving on to become a bicycle manufacturer 20 years later.

It was only in 1882 that Peugeot became a car manufacturer before making motorcycles some 16 years later. Peugeot’s headquarters is located in Sochaux in France and is involved in a variety of transportation-based business that includes luxury cars, commercial vehicles and most notably, automobiles.

In 2009, Peugeot rolled out about 1.7 million units of vehicles and this has grown from strength to strength ever since. What started out as a family business in 1810 will grow into a full-blown automotive giant globally where it is among one of the most renowned brands today.

Peugeot cars today are known for its innovative use of technology and cutting-edge performance where the ‘lion’ emblem is known in motorsports and many other types of campaigns. In Malaysia, Peugeot is managed by Nasim Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the Naza Group of Companies, one of the largest automotive groups in Malaysia.

Nasim is the sole importer of Peugeot cars for the Malaysian market and through this initiative, Peugeot became the third highest selling European brand in the country. In fact, the sale of Peugeot cars under Nasim had represented more than 80% of the sales of Peugeot cars in Asia.

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