Peugeot’s 5008 to make waves in MPV market

The chassis of the car would most likely emulate that of the 308, which essentially follows the 3008 version. There would be 6 variants of the 5008 available of which 2 of them are petrol powered while the rest are diesel powered. The petrol engines are 1.6 liters and would boost a 120horsepower. If you are one for power, take the turbocharged engines which will give you a whooping 156 horses.

As for the diesel variants, you can choose between the 1.6 liter or the 2.0liter engines. Each variant comes in 2 different models with which the 1.6 ones produces up to 110 horsepowers while the 2.0 liter ones produces up to 163 horsepowers. Inside the car, you will surely fit in naturally and comfortably in its elegant design which you might be somewhat familiar with if you have seen the 3008. The car comes with a panoramic glass roof in within the spaciousness that the inside naturally is.

The heads up display system is a great feature of the car where, as a driver you will get all the information which are vital including cruise control, the current speed as well as a distance alert which tells you how far you are away from the front and back of the next bumper. This sort of detection is useful especially when you are parking. One of the most prominent feature of the car would be the spaciousness that you will most likely appreciate. Although you might feel that it gives you a similar impression as Proton’s own Exora, most MPVs around these category would most likely be the same, but Peugeot seemed to go one up perhaps due to its design.

Accessories here include 2 independently channeled 7 inch colour screens on the headrest of the first row so you can pretty much watch your movies or any other entertainment programmes as and when you like. The display can be connected to play movies via DVD or gaming while Bluetooth also allows for some wireless entertainment options.

All these features will most likely give its competitors something to react with if they are to compete especially if the French carmaker has proven times and again that their products are top of the range in quality and comfort. It won’t take long when you will see more 5008 on Malaysian roads with more consumers opting for this brand of late.