Peugeot’s BB1 is revolutionary – after all it is not even a car

At 2.5 meters long, it can sit 4 passengers quite comfortably because of the fact that Peugeot has done extremely well with the space management of this wonder where it does not have foot pedals and where the driver actually has more space in its vertical posture. The other cool feature about this model is that it can part perpendicularly to the pavement as well as having the door opening in reverse order.

Under the hood, well not much is there really because it is fully electrically powered. It comes with 2 electric motors which powers up each of the rear wheels that gets you a maximum output of 20 horses. This is where it is powered up through the 2 lithium ion battery packs which are placed below the rear seats which could last you up to 121 kilometers of zero-emission.

Carbon fiber is used to build the body of this car which means that it is pretty light, weighing just 600 kilograms while you will also get a multi-function colour display screen on the dash which is your connection to the navigation system, internet access, in-car entertainment that includes the radio and an MP3 player as well as linking your mobile phones too.

One thing really cool about this design is perhaps it does not have an engine and the car is moved through the motors which are independently fitted on the rear wheels. That means what Peugeot could do was to incorporate more space into the car. This is the very concept called the Active Wheel system which was developed by Michelin and was first seen back in 2004. Typically it is about the size of the SmartForTwo except that it is a 4 seater. This is what the future looks like surely. The BB1 is now in project level and if everything goes well will go into production around 2012 or so.