Pininfarina goes eco with Nido EV

The design of the Nido EV does somehow reminds one of the many compact hybrids released recently at car shows and while Pininfarina is renowned to be very much accustomed to designing highly ergonomical machines like the Ferrari and family cars like the Hyundai Matrix, this would surely be a welcoming and refreshing move.

It uses a tubular steel frame on its first prototype while the final product will come with an aluminum space frame. When released, it will be able to be used in 4 different configurations. That means they will be catered to the light van, the 2 seater version and the 2+2 pickup model and could be a full electric or a hybrid version.

It comes with a 30kW powered electric motor which comes with a 125Nm of torque. Performance is very impressive where the 900kilograms vehicle gets you from zero to hundred in 6.7 seconds. This puts it faster than many models out there including the Satria Neo and gets to a maximum speed of 120km/h. The cool thing about the Nido is that instead of the usual Lithium Ion batteries, it runs on the Zebra Z5 Ni-NaCl batteries or salt batteries in short. This is translated to better efficiency, reliability as well as safety. At full charge it gets you up to 140 kilometers and the battery is 100% recyclable. Pininfarina is still fine tuning the design inside the car and surely when it is finished, this would push the level higher in eco-friendly cars. With practicality as one of its important elements, it might just be a great addition in the near future.