PLUS offers more discounts for travellers during CNY

She said that PLUS is offering a cumulative toll discounts of nearly 20% and that the offer is for those who exited the toll plazas between 12.00 to 7.00am on the following dates: 10, 11, 12, 17,18 and 19 February. She said "For example, a one-way journey from the Jalan Duta toll plaza (Kuala Lumpur) to the Juru toll plaza (Penang) will only cost RM35 on the said date and time, as compared to RM43.90 during normal period. The discount, which was part of the PLUS travel incentives (PTI) programme, was to reward customers and give them options to enjoy lower toll rates. Since PTI was launched last January, PLUS has spent almost RM20 million on toll discounts for users,"