Porsche GT3 pulls power to a level higher

So to say that not many know about the new GT3 would be quite an understatement because unless you are an enthusiast, it might be quite a daunting task to educate you what the GT3 is. Hence we will go straight into the details not to spend too much on the history of this model. Come January next year, the new GT3 will be rolled out which will not have any major changes to its current version. So if you own a GT3 now, rest assure that you will not be banging your heads for doing so.

To begin with, you will not be able to tell what the changes are unless you are one crazy Porsche lover. You seriously would need to take a closer look to find out that the rear spoiler is now 2 inches wider than its original. The wheels too have come with new designs as well. But if there is one thing you can seriously expect from the new GT3 is the performance. This is where Porsche is claiming that the new one gets you from zero to hundred 0.2 seconds less and 0.5 seconds less to get you to 169. The previous version top speeds at 310km/h while this one gets you to 312.

How minor is that, you be the judge. They have also put in new 380mm discs in font and comes with switchable stability control and a switching off and on enabled traction control. To be honest, it is hard to tell the difference between the previous GT3 and the new one and as mentioned, unless you are highly articulate when it comes to details like these, it is almost impossible. But regardless of anything, the changes would be well suited because as reported by Porsche, they do not change anything for the sake of changing and hence each new element will have it bearings. This is what you get when you own a Porsche. Period.