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Porsche recalls all Panameras

According to a spokesman of the company, the recall is a precautionary step where not accidents has been reported yet. This will affect the 11,324 Panameras already sold where it seemed that the seatbelt might come undone in the event that the front seats are slid right forward in a unusual ‘extreme’ position. Hence “It is possible that the function of the locking mechanism of the seat belt mount can no longer be guaranteed. In the event of a crash, the seat belt may not provide adequate protection for the seat occupant, which may increase the risk of injury or death.”

The Panamera was launched last year with much fanfare where it was the first time that Porsche was producing and rolling out a 4 door sedan model. So far, as mentioned there are no reports of any incidents so it Porsche would still have to time to salvage their image if they can rectify the problem as soon as possible. The recall, which covers all the Panamera sold around the world would affect those sold in Malaysia as well.