Proton EVs to start selling in 2014

Following the success of the sales of hybrid cars in Malaysia, it seems that national carmaker Proton is set to ride on the bandwagon for alternative fuelled vehicles.


According to Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, the International Trade and Industry Minister, Proton will start selling electric vehicles in 2014.

In fact, it is currently working with Frazer-Nash Research in the United Kingdom in the development of its own EV (Electric Vehicle). The minister said this in Parliament and that RM500million has been allocated by Proton for the R&D (Research and Development) in green technology and once they roll out their own EVs in 2014, the profits will follow suit.

The issue was raised on whey Proton was investing into Frazer-Nash and it as pointed out that it was a small amount compared to GM who invested about USD$1.2 billion when they worked on their Chevrolet Volt. So far, the collaboration has already garnered good results where they won the Most Efficient Multi-Purpose Car for a Prototype and the Best Overall Extended-Range Vehicle in their E-REV during the RAC Future Car Challenge from Brighton to London last year beating the lights of the Chevy volt and the Nissan Leaf in the challenge.