Proton Inspira breaches 900 kms in one tank

In a recent event held by Proton Edar Sdn Bhd, the Proton Inspira was put to the test on its fuel economy and it did not disappoint where some very positive results were recorded.

With rising prices of fuel in the global market and the demand for more fuel economy car as well as those with alternative fuel, this seemed pretty timely and it surely will give the Inspira (and Proton) a much needed image boost which will surely affect the sales as well.

The ‘Proton Inspira Eco Challenge’ was designed to prove that the Mitsubishi Lancer inspired model has more than it takes to become a major fuel economical model. 5 driver teams with 5 media team were formed and they were to take on more than 800 kilometers of driving which will cover expressways, trunk roads as well as city roads which will go from Shah Alam to Penang and then back again. The 10 Inspiras will take the same route and the one that uses the least fuel will be the winner. The winning team was Shamsul Yunos from The Malay Maul and his partner Hafriz Shah of Autocar ASEAN together with observer Baki Zainal whose car recorded 934 kilometers in one full tank of RON95 petrol.