Proton releases Exora manual and Saga SE

This is supposedly the premium variant to the already well received Proton Saga. You can be sure to be impressed with this one. While the original Saga costs somewhere just below RM40k, you will have to shell out RM43,000 for the Proton Saga SE Manual and RM45,500 for the automatic version. For almost RM10,000 more (almost), there are more to offer here in terms of additions and accessories.

The engine is pretty much standard, which is the 1.3 Liter Campro IAFM engine. Most pictures you see would be the red version but it also comes with the white version both of which has a black top which is quite cool. The grilles and skirts have all been upgraded. You get leather seats and nicer looking interiors as well as a CD Player with MP3 support.

The other new variant is the Proton Exora. This 7 seater MPV has been very well received by the buyers all over the country. One of the feedback about this car is that it is not as fuel economical as one might like it to be, hence a manual version might help to dispel any doubts from the buyers. One thing about Proton cars these days is that their design have been very well done and they definitely have come a long way since their ‘bound to be faulty windows’ days. The Exora M/T is available in the M-Line trim level which is targeted to the buyers who are not interested in so much accessories, hence you will get the more stripped down version without the GPS, DVD, alloy wheels and such. This no-frills version will cost you about RM65,000 for the metallic version and about RM500 less for the non-metallic ones. Today’s Proton cars are more well received and more well designed, rest assure that quality is way better now.