Proton/Lotus takes bold step and displays 5 new Lotus models in Paris

According to the company, the 5 new models will be gradually rolled out into the world market and if it is a Lotus, then you can imagine the type of reception it will get from anyone passing by its booth. This is the comeback which many has been looking forward to and they are sure to become a force to reckon with once all the new models are out. Furthermore, it was not only that long ago that Lotus announced that they are restrategizing and rebranding itself into the market instead f just being the niche brand.

With the new designs and futuristic personas, the new Lotus Esprit, Eterne, Elise, Elan and Elite stood tall and vibrant among all other brands at the show and if anyone had been there to see it, they would surely agree.

Datuk Seri Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh, the chairman of Group Lotus said that his long experience (25 years) in the automotive industry has never seen response of this kind. He is also the chairman of the parent company of Lotus, Proton where he would surely have come across some good and positive response in rolling out consumer oriented cars but with response like the one he saw in Paris, surely this would have increase his confidence in the brand in moving forward.

He said that he has never seen such response like he saw at the Lotus exhibition with people just coming into the booth and staying for a long time in awe of the new models and this is where he could see the interest of the people in the Lotus brand. On top of that, he also said that the executives from other brands too were amazed with the ability of Lotus is showing off 5 models at one go at the show.