Proton’s trade-in programme terminated with funds all used up

The programme which started in March 2009 was supposedly to run until 31 December 2009 or when the funds are used up, whichever comes first and due to the overwhelming response, the funds have all been used up by 31 October 2009 and hence Proton said that only those who submitted their applications to the regional offices before that date will be eligible for the rebate. Having said that, there were some 7,539 applications which were sent after 31 October and for that, Proton has derived a special incentive scheme for them.

For March to 31 October, they have since received 25,,862 applications and hence the funds, which was allocated by the federal government as part of the economic stimulus plan have all been taken up. Its statement reads "The programme, announced in March this year, was to run until Dec 31, 2009 or until the funds have been fully used up,"

The special incentive scheme however would not be part of the Proton Xchange Programme. Proton said "These customers are advised to contact the same outlets they have been dealing with to make further arrangements, to enable them to enjoy the incentive scheme. Customers did not have to surrender their old cars in order to enjoy the special scheme but it would provide the necessary assistance in making arrangements with second-hand car dealers. While this scheme is applicable to the purchases of any Proton cars, the cars must be registered by the Jan 31, 2010,"