Range Rover uncovering new production Evoque (with goodies) in Paris

It is supposedly the smallest ever Range Rover every produced and they are claiming that it comes with superior craftsmanship, luxury and performance. And with how it looks, one might be forgiven to accept that as face value because it surely looked a more compact version that any other versions of the brand. The new Evoque is actually originally the LRX concept model and the size is only 4,340mm long.

Under the hood, you will get the 2.0 liter Si4 turbocharged engine that comes with direct fuel injection as well as the twin VVT. This is where, as they claimed you get the refinement that comes with a typical 6 cylinder car with the fuel economy of a typical 4 cylinder engine, which pretty much is quite an attractive combination.

Range Rover has used lighter material to make this car where they have used plastic front fenders and tailgate while the hood and roof panels are made from aluminum. Apart from that, they have also put in cross car beam using magnesium while applying aluminum on its front lower control arms and suspensions. This makes the car weigh so much less considerably which gives it more power. Apart from that, they have also added in more features for efficiency where it comes with a brake regenerative system, EPS steering and others.

Seriously, it looks better than many models in this segment where it now looks so much more stylish as compared to the previous generations of Range Rovers. But one particular characteristic which you can be sure of is the fact that it is still a Range Rover and hence you can be sure of its off-road capabilities. Therefore, it comes with the trademark TRS (Terrain Response System) which pretty much is the answer to drive on all (well, almost) terrains while on the new Evoque, they have put in the Dynamic Mode which is an all-time all-wheel drive system that helps to increase handling of the car. Looking forward to it already, don’t you?