Rear seat belts ruling still in effect – RTD Director-General

He said that the ruling was enforced last year in January but to date there are still many who have chosen to ignore it. He said that in a road safety campaign in Seremban where he spoke to some motorists and was surprised to find out that they were not sure if the ruling had been enforced and that there should therefore be no more confusion after this.

He also said that studies are currently being carried out on the figures of the use of rear seatbelts but he is sure that the numbers would definitely had declined from its April 2009 record of 48.5%. Despite that, he said that the RTD and its partners are working relentlessly to achieve a 100% compliance and that the government is creating the culture which will take time.

He also advised travelers to use baby car seats and booster seats for toddlers and babies as safety measures when travelling and to be particularly sensitive on where the seats should be placed. One must not place the baby seat in the front if the car comes with airbags and strapping the car seats at the back is always safer, with or without airbags equipments in front. For adults, the air bags cannot be relied fully as safety and Suret reminded all to use the seatbelts.

He also called on those with outstanding summonses to take advantage of the amnesty programme in conjunction with the road safety campaign which is aimed to get the road users to be more responsible in settling their summonses. This is where offenders are given the opportunity to settle their outstanding summonses in installments without being penalized under the demerit points system as well being allowed to renew their driving licenses and road tax which were not possible if they are blacklisted previously.