Recall of Honda Odyssey not applicable for Malaysia

The defect is such that air will get sucked into the modular circuit as well as the remaining of the brake circuits which in the worst case scenario will then result in the gradual increase of the brake pedal free play. This means that the driver will need to step on the break for a longer time in order for the car to stop as desired because the braking distance is prolonged.

Honda Malaysia however clarified that the defects were only applicable for the models mentioned and not those sold in Malaysia because they are manufactured in Japan and not in the United States which uses different basic structures.

According to Toru Takahashi, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia, “Odysseys sold in Malaysia are originally manufactured in Japan, which have different structures compared with those manufactured in the US. Therefore, the units sold in Malaysia are not affected. Our customers need not worry,”

This came in light after it was reported that Honda Motor Co. is recalling some 410,000 Odysseys and Elements due to the defect on its braking system which makes it harder to stop unless the problem is rectified and corrected. It involved some 344,000 and the 68,000 units of the 2007 and 2008 made Elements. Chris Martin, a spokesman for Honda said “Over time, brake pedals can feel “soft” and must be pressed closer to the floor to stop the vehicles. Left unrepaired, the problem could cause loss of braking power and possibly a crash. It’s definitely not operating the way it should, and it’s safety systems, so it brings it to the recall status,”

The recall was ordered after 3 crashes were reported to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) due to the problem and Honda has since reported to them on the recall. They have identified that the problem is at the electronic stability control system where during testing, they found that the vehicles allowed a small amount of air to get into its hydraulic brake lines when the car is started which will cause a loss of braking power over time.

Honda has volunteered the recall but informed owners of the vehicles involved to wait for the company to send them a letter to schedule the repair session because the parts are currently unavailable. This would be the second time Honda is recalling their vehicles after they recalled some 952,118 vehicles which had defective airbags.