Red Hot Bull Vettel wins in Valencia

It was yet another good and perfect outing for Red Bull Racing as their driver Sebastien Vettel took home the chequered flag at the European GP in Valencia over the weekend.
The defending champion had a flawless race as he led from pole position but it was not the same for his team mate Mark Webber. Vettel also drove the fastest lap f the race.

Meanwhile, it was not so great although it was commendable for Fernando Alonso who wanted to do better at his home race but had to settle for second with about 10 seconds behind race leader. Lewis Hamilton was a more subdued driver finishing fourth after coming in with criticisms for this dangerous driving in the last 2 races. Felipe Massa finished fifth while Jenson Button who won the Canadian GP came in sixth.

It was a bad race for Team Lotus who had to settle for nineteenth and twentieth respectively. With the latest win, Vettel is pulling away in the Driver’s standings where he is most likely the favourites to defend his world title this year. He now has 186 points while his closest rival is Jenson Button who is 77 points behind. Mark Webber has equal points with Button so it will be quite a major upset to upstage Vettel from here on.