Renaul Megane Sport Tourer gives more space

This nice looking vehicle is one which apart from its nice looks, is practical and very spacious and would be ideal for those of you who likes space and performance yet do not wish to have a totally huge MPV. The Sport Tourer comes with some very nice roof bars and an extended rear to add another model to the current list.

The design of this car is very space oriented, as such you will find that a lot of fittings in this car is made and put in for that very purpose. For instance, the boot space which has long been pretty limited with the Megane now gives you up to 520 liters of space. To triple up that space (up to 1,600 liters) you just need to fold the rear seats. This is done through a button’s click and to ensure that you get a full view boot space, a flap is placed to bridge the gap between the bootspace and the now spacious rear seats.

This is not an MPV so sitting 5 adults in the comfortably is pretty standard. A trip computer, cruise control system comes standard in the Dynamique model. In France though you get the TomTom Carminat sat-nav which is pretty much a speed-trap camera detector. Under the hood is a 1.9 liter Ci diesel turbo engine which, well is not about speed hence the 128 horsepowers. Well, don’t expect this car to be all about performance although it is somewhat economical and practical. Essentially, all the 3 elements are hard to put in together in any car.

The designers at Renault made this car to first try and shake off the impression that the Megane is meant for the middle-age people and is targeting the younger and those who are out looking for practicality and with MPVs making their rounds to sell space and such, the Tourer is set to allow drivers to have the best of both.