Renault Kangoo Z. E Concept – hand built beauty

Z.E here stands for Zero Emission which means that it is both eco-friendly as well as highly charged which was first put on display at the recently concluded Paris Motor Show. Apparently, developing this car caused a whooping £2 million and was hand built Acid Green machine did remarkably well at the event.

This fully electric car measures at 3.95meters in length and 1.85meters in height and does reminds you of the original Kangoo although this is way curvier, more futuristic and definitely greener. As a matter of fact, it looks like one of those toy cars which seemed a bit delicate and tender. Typically, it is an electric car that uses less energy but includes the functionalities of what is demanded from its customers.

Some of the technologies adopted in this concept are its heat-reflective paint on the body which helps to keep the temperature controlled and down while the solar panels fitted on the roof will drive energy to power up its temperature regulation system which helps to decrease the work load on the air-conditioning. Renault had also deployed the MMI (Man Machine Interfaces) with this car which is one cool system that tells you were the next nearest charging stations are and the car park and such. Not only that, it also tells you the amount of energy you have left in the batteries and such. Typically, the information here are both important to keep you ahead of what to expect instead of being counter-reactive.

Charging the batteries can be done using the standard charging method which will take from 4 to 8 hours using a standard charging socket while quick charging takes is 20 minutes on its 95 horsepower engine which will get you up to 80% of the battery energy. Other cool additions include its LED lighting at the front and rear, 18 inch full disc wheels, display outside the car on the battery life remaining, AESC supplied batteries, and such. This could just be the future of automobiles here.