Renault previews their Transformer the Frendzy concept

French automotive giants Renault has always been known to be highly innovative with their vehicles and they have yet again come up with a new concept named the Frendzy.

This is one model which surely gives the future a nice outlook if that is the way new design languages are going to look like.

The Frendzy concept is an electric vehicle and is equipped with Renault’s new technologies and they have put in the Renault Kangoo Z E electic vehicle but with this one it gets up to 80 miles per hour. According to the company, it is very much an multi purpose vehicle that takes on different roles on different days. On weekdays it will be very much a business oriented car where a large external screen will showcase all the relevant information for the work going driver.

Come weekends and you have an entirely different transformation. This is where a big bench seat comes out in the rear while the back is made entirely for the family. There will be a video game or movie panel while a special slate is built into the sliding door for the kids to draw on. Typically, it is all about setting the mood in this one as elements like mirrors, mood lighting and such are all skewed towards the intention of the driver.