Renault to roll out Clio Campus 2009

Renault has successfully positioned the Clio Campus between its older ‘brother’ the new Clio and the Twingo. This is perhaps due to the fact that it is a 5 door sedan like compact vehicle. The Campus looks more stylish than the other models because of the new front bumper and grille designs. It brings with the environmental friendly feature of fulfilling all its condition under the Renault eco2 signature.

Set to be released by June 2009, the Clio Campus is set to turn heads riding of the success of the 2008 version where it is most prominent in around Europe, particularly in France. Other countries where the it commands a significant market share includes Germany, Spain, Italy and Algeria. The car is famous for its economical value as well as durability and reliability.

The 2009 Clio Campus has seen some very significant changes to the design and look of the car with emphasis very much put on its style and features. The modernistic driver will definitely love this car. It comes with flat-blade windscreen wipers while its 15 inch aluminium alloy wheels and optional colours are all provided for. Inside the car, you will be able to appreciate the cloth upholstery engulfing the bucket seats which are standard.

It comes in various variations in terms of engines. The petrol engines comes in 2 version, the 1.2 60 and the 1.2 16V 75, while diesel engines also comes in 2 different versions. For the more environmental cautious, you can opt for the 1.2 60 LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) version as well.