Renault to start production of Kangoo and Fluence electric models

In the Frankfurt Auto Show 2009, they showcased their concept Fluence Z.E which came equipped with an engine that has an electric motor that gets you up to 94 horses and 167 lb-ft of torque. The C-segment sedan version was mainly targeted to the fleet market where this car would require up to 8 hours of charging to get it to full capacity using the standard home sockets. However, you could also use its fast-charging capabilities where a 30 minute plug-in could be found in the next 2 to 3 years. Renault confirmed that the production Fluence Z.E will start selling next year with Europe and Israel being their first markets.

On the other hand, the Kangoo Express Z.E is essentially the electrically powered version of the Kangoo Express which had already garnered quite a huge following already. First shown at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen last year end, the body of this car is typically the same as that of the standard petrol version and gets you up to 59 horses and 166 pound-feet of torque capable of going around 100 miles.

This version will be assembled at its northern France’s plant in Maubeuge while the Fluence Z.E is expected to be made in Turkey. Charging of the Kangoo Z.E is similar to that of the Fluence where it will take about 8 hours for it fully charge while the widely anticipated ‘fast charge stations’ by Renault set for 2012 or 2013 would surely be very much welcomed. According to Renault, the Fluence and the Kangoo are not the only models to enter the EV market where they have the Zoe Z.E and Twizy Z.E which are still in its concept stages are being assembled in the Parisian region and Spain’s Valladolid plants respectively. They will also be making their own batteries for the Z.E cars. The lithium ion batteries will be catered to its markets in France, Portugal, Japan and the UK and will start rolling out after its first phase where they will be purchasing them from the Nissan-NEC joint venture company AESC. This surely is the way forward for Renault it not the rest of the other brands, don’t you think?