Renault to start selling revolutionary scooter base Twizy

The Renault Twizy is one cool crossover. And if you are thinking of a typical SUV-Compact type of crossover or anything along that line, then you are wrong. That is because the Twizy is basically a half-half manifestation of a car with a scooter.

It was first seen at the 2010 Paris Motor Show and now the French automotive giant has announced that they are pushing this into the conveyor belt and will be selling it starting from €6,690.

In fact, they have already started receiving bookings for the Twizy in the UK where it will then head out to the rest of Europe by the end of the year. They will be rolling out 3 variants of this cool vehicle. As it functions very much like a scooter, there will be Twizy 45 which comes with 5 horses while the Twizy Urban and Twizy Technic comes with 17 horsepower engines.

The 45 generally tells you just how fast the maximum speed goes (which obviously is at 45km/h). This means that it can be driven very much like a bicycle (where you need not have a driving license). The cool thing about this is that it is around the same price of a motorcycle but is many times safer than one. Meanwhile the Urban and Technic are priced at €7,690 and €8,490 respectively and comes with a monthly €49 tax-paid cost for the battery lease.

This cool vehicle basically sits 2 people comfortably atop its 4 wheel wheelbase where it looks very much like a standard scooter which comes with a wraparound with openings on the side providing the occupants with a whole new motoring experience. According to the company, this one comes with superior safety features if you are to compare it to the standard 2 wheeled motorbikes and scooters. Coming with 13 inch wheels where the front gets 125×80 rubbers with the back wrapped with 145x80s, it is smaller in size and very easy to park measuring only 2,337 mm long, 1,191 mm wide and 1,461 mm tall.

To make it more accessible, the lithium-ion battery pack takes only 3.5 hours to charge fully and this will get you to about 100km in a single charge. Inside, you get the cool Parrot audio system which also lets you connect your iPods, USBs and Bluetooth, rear parking sensor systems as well as other cool cusotmizable equipments like decals and colour coded alloys.