Renault’s DeZir Concept – love story in Paris

What Dezir actually means is still anyone’s guess but one thing for sure, the Z here is the zero emission engine fitted in. This concept was attractive because of its looks where many has claimed that is has the curves that gives it a sporty look and the zero emission nature that gives it the eco-friendly stature.

The DeZir is designed and develop based on the QuickDrop battery swapping technology by Renault which is what they have also fitted into the recently unveiled Fluence and other electric cars from the brand where the at full charge, the battery is supposed to bring you up to 160 kilometers. If needed you would only need 20 minutes to charge the batter up to 80% of its full capacity.

As with the demands of the market these days, zero emission cars are not just to reduce petrol consumption but it must come with some sort of performance too and this is where Renault has given the DeZir a tuning that takes you only 5 seconds to get from zero to hundred in its 148 horsepower motor. This is where the performance is improved through its enhanced weight distribution and balance of the car via its mid-rear mounted battery system.

This electric motor will be the standard platform that Renault EV cars will come with in the next 3 years although not every model will be highly tuned like this. The fact that Renault is not really planning to go into production with this one meant that they could be free to design it anyway they like and they have put in the gullwing doors and the proud logo upfront but surely if it gets to the roads, it would be fun. Like we said, we can dream, can’t we?