Rise in vehicle sales in August due to Raya

The positive showing was mostly attributed by the just concluded Hari Raya Aidilfitri where there were a rush for deliveries that started in July. The total units could be break down to passenger cars which contributed to 49,642 units which was increased from last year’s coinciding month that saw 44,135 new passenger cars. In terms of commercial vehicles, the increase was from 4,802 units to 5,566 units.

In total, new passenger cars sold for the first 8 months of the year is at 369,689 units while for 2009, it was only 319,720 units while new commercial vehicles sold from January to August this year is at 40,117 units, up from last year’s 32,126 units.

In terms of production, August recorded a total of 50,858 units while the same month last year saw only 44,476 units new vehicles rolled out. This could be further broken down to 47,198 units passenger cars and 3,660 units of commercial vehicles while for August 2009, there were only 40,865 units of passenger vehicles and 3,611 units of commercial vehicles produced.