Robber’s vanity number plate led to his own arrest


American car giant Ford surely got some great publicity recently after a recent robbery case involving the Ford Expedition model.


A man whose name is Alm recently walked into a Chase Bank in San Diego in California wearing latex gloves and sunglasses with a gun. He then pointed a gun at the teller and demanded for money of which the teller obliged without any protest.

Alm then managed to bag US2,920 of cash from the teller before he ran to his vehicle, which is a white coloured Ford Expedition and sped off. It was like a movie where the robbery was pretty straight forward and successful. The only problem was that as he was speeding off, the onlookers there quickly jot down the license plate. Everyone knows that the United States allow what is called vanity license plates which means you can put any alphabets you like as long as they are legally registered. His wrote ALMDUDE.

So the obvious fact is that his name is ALM, what more with a unique name like this, the police tracked down Robert Alm, a 27 year old man where he has since been arrested and booked for robbery. Preliminary reports suggested that the Alm is homeless and has been living in his car for a while now. A perfect robbery with an imperfect robber.