RON95 not cause of fire during accidents

She said that studies have shown and proven that fire during accidents are mainly caused by ‘sparks, the engine, leaks or spills at the fuel tank’. RON95 petrol however met the EURO2M specifications which is to reduce pollution from sulphur emission because it only contains 5 percent of benzene, which replaces lead as well as acting as the octane booster.

She assured that the government will not approve a petrol which could be harmful and that RON95 is made up of 95% iso-octane and 3% of heptanes while the RON97 has 97% of iso-octane and 3% heptanes. RON92 was first introduced back in the 1990s when the government stopped leaded petrol were not as environmental friendly as well as is known to cause cancer. RON92 was removed from petrol stations on September 1, 2009 and was replaced with RON95.