Satria Neo CPS definitely Proton’s ‘coolest’ car

The Neo is now fitted with the Campro CPS (Cam Profile Switching) DOHC 16V engine, which demonstrates very smooth driving and great performance. The design of the car is such that the sportiness is always evident and you can be sure to notice one the minute you see one.

There are 2 colours to choose from if you buy the Neo CPS which are solid white and tranquility black of which there are in general 2 variants. Both cars are fitted with the 1.6 liter engines but you can opt for either the manual or the automatic transmission versions priced at around RM57,000 and RM60,000 respectively.

The engine is the latest version produced by Proton which comes with the Campro CPS as standard incorporating the Variable Intake Manifold Technology (VIM) and Cam Profile Switching (CPS) systems which gives you performance and smoothness all in one engine. This boosts up to 120 horsepowers at 6,500 rpm and 15-Nm at 4,500rpm. Handling of the car is tuned and adopts the ever famous Lotus Handling system which was one of the most successful selling points in the Satria GTi.

The interior of the CPS is commendably cool because of the minimalist design Proton had put in which are somehow translated through the Lotus Motorsport impressions. A Blaupunkt MP3 CD player is built into the dash board which are channeled through its 4 speaker audio system. The car comes standard with ABS and EBD as well as airbags as safety features.

According to Dato' Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, the Managing Director of Proton Holdings Berhad, “The Satria Neo is known as a performance-driven car. What we have done is to enhance the Neo by making it more powerful, responsive and attractive by giving it an improved engine and a sportier look. This philosophy requires PROTON to listen closely to what customers want and continuously make every effort to change and improve our current line-up. This effort is now manifested in the new Satria Neo CPS,”