Selespeed retires, Alfa to introduce the new TCT

Alfa Romeo has announced that they will be retiring their trademark Selespeed which was developed to be the best in manual and transmission gearbox technology. The Selespeed was developed by Magneti Marelli when Alfa Romeo launched the 156 in 1999 but failed to impress critics and drivers since then. While it was supposed to be the flawless gear change system which Alfa was widely marketing at that time, the Selespeed failed to impress so the company has now retired this technology and will replace it with a 6 speed dry twin clutch gearbox.

Called the TCT, it will first be introduced into the Alfa Romeo MiTo which is powered up by the 1.4 TB MultiAir engine that boosts out 135 horses with Start & Stop system. The TCT is developed by Fiat Powertrain technologies where it is able to modify the speed of the gear shift as well as manage torque delivery of the vehicle. It can also operate fully on automatic transmission or function as a manual sequential gear system with reducing fuel consumption as priority. Typically, it functions very much like the Selespeed just more efficient and should springboard Alfa’s models to higher ground.