Sepang heats up and Button only needs the water bottle to work


The heat is surely going up as the Formula 1 circus comes to town and this weekend is where the world will switch their attention to Sepang International Circuit. This is where all the teams are very much accustomed to the fact that Sepang is one of the physically challenging tracks in the entire season and coupled with the heat that we have been experiencing in the last few days, it would be a race which many drivers will dehydrate and as they say ‘feeling the heat’. Not Petronas Mercedes GP driver and former world champion Jenson Button. In fact, Button’s first podium finish was in Sepang back in 2003, so this track surely is a sentimental place for him.

He said that has he has been working on his fitness, he feels that he is fitter now than last year and surely fitter than he was 5 years ago. He said that after having gone through so much in motorsports, the physical challenge of driving an F1 car is easier and he is very much used to that already. In fact, the 2009 World Champion said that he can now do 100 laps in any conditions and feel fine after that.

So what is it that gives him that confidence? It is in his fitness program as well as his diet where he is currently working out for up to 5 hours daily when he is not racing or practicing on the track. He is also following very strictly a low carb diet which has been customized for his body in this sport. Button ensures that he is on tip-top condition at all times where when not racing, he is involved and competes in triathlons. In fact, he was out swimming+cycling+running at a triathlon in Hawaii after the recent Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

Button said that the weather is the least of his concern as he is more worried about the water supply when racing. He said he had a bad experience in Sepang once when the water bottle strapped to his helmet stopped functioning in lap 2 and he was suffering from shivers, blurred eyesight and such. So to him, as long as the bottle works fine, he should have no problems with the race.