Shelby beefs up the new 2010 GT500 Ford Mustang

Of course, when it comes to looks, you can leave it to the Americans for aggressiveness and funkiness but perhaps when it comes to performance, maybe the European tuners might do a better job. But not to discredit Shelby off anything, the Ford Mustang now is aggressively faster and meaner but might not be as fuel economical as before, which might be quite a turn off.

According to Carroll Shelby, "Over the past 12 months, my team of hot rodders was hard at work on a Super Snake package for the next generation GT500. Every lesson we learned kicking the competition around on the track over the past two years has been poured into this new car to keep Shelby owners out front."

The GT500 has been fitted with a supercharger kit which increased the acceleration to some 725 but if that is too much for you to handle, then you can fit in the Ford Racing Supercharger kit which gets you about a hundred horses less. Whichever package you take, the standard 6 speed manual transmission gearbox comes standard while also being fitted with a Borla exhaust system. Apart from that, they have also put in shorter springs which lowers the car, adjustable dampers as well as customized stabilizer bars. In terms of interior, there are some really cool looking Super Snake stripes, rear deck-lid lettering and a new hood made of fiberglass.

This car looks really good with its new facelift by Shelby and it is sold for about USD30,000 for the Ford Racing kit while the 725bhp, supercharger kit will cost about USD30,000 more which one needs to pay on top of the car price. Other additions to the enhanced GT500 Super Snake include Shelby designed 20 inches Alcoa wheels, Shelby signature embroidered head-rests, floor mats and others as well as its letterings all over the place. Essentially, this car ‘changes’ its original name from GT500 to Shelby in most departments.