Smart extends eco-friendly smart models with the escooter concept car

With the green and white paint scheme on its body, you can be sure to get that it is an eco-friendly answer to its competitors and this could well be a new segment for the company. It also comes with LED lights and the solar cells which is where the technology really is. It is powered up through its 48 volt lithium ion battery pack which Smart claimed to be able to bring you up to 100 kilometers with one single charge. This could be done using the standard household sockets, very cool.

The escooter is also reported to be able to get to a top speed of 45km/h which is powered up by its disc shaped wheel hub motor situated on its rear wheel. In terms of safety, it also comes with Blind Spot Assist, anti lock brakes as well as, get this, an airbag which is fitted underneath the handle bar paneling. Apart from that, you also get iPhone compartment which comes with an Apple application that tells you about the speed and range indicator information.

According to Dr Annette Winkler, the head of the company, they were encouraged to develop a 2 wheel scooter to join their current product line after their success with the smart cars from their customers who were very happy with what they called the ‘perfect city car’ which was easy to maneuver and particularly useful and practical when it comes to parking. On top of that, their customers felt that their smart was flexible, safe, spacious and was lots of fun. Smart has gone one up with this one where they are looking to ride on their success of providing models which are ideal for intelligent urban mobility which forms part of their ‘vision smart’ program.