Soft launch of Proton Inspira – This is not the Waja replacement

The Inspira also confirmed the many speculations running around for the past months that the new Proton model will be designed based on the Mitsubishi Lancer and through enough, it actually does. The Inspira is actually the result of the long-term working relationship between the national carmaker and MMC (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation) that goes back to more than 20 years.

Syed Zainal added that apart from being the fruit of the partnership, it also showed that there are many ways to develop a good car and with this new model, Proton has been able reduce cost and time and definitely help the company because if they were to develop a new model from the ground up, it would have cost the company up to RM700 million. Therefore, it is a win-win collaboration for both the partners in this context.

Booking is already opened and one can place a minimum deposit of RM1,000 and from October 14 to November 15, you will enjoy the 2 year free service or 50,000km package. The official launch of the Inspira is set for November 10 where you will be able to choose between the 1.8 liter engine (4B10) paired with a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox or the 6 speed virtual ratio CVT gearbox. Or if you like speed, then the paddle shifter fitted 2.0 liter engine (4B11) might entice you more.

This will be rolled out through Proton’s MVF plant and they are planning to fit in 65% local contents 1 year from the date of the launch as at the moment it is 26%. You can choose between black, silver, red or white colours for this new baby which starts at RM79,888 while the top of the range model will be priced at RM95,000. Proton announced that they are targeting to sell 1,600 units per month.