South Korea starts electric vehicles production and adopting starting 2011

This would be the second electric vehicle made for mass production in the world and it was originally scheduled to be completed in 2013 but having done so 2 years ahead meant that the country will be able to start promoting sales of emission-less vehicles next year. The BlueOn as many would have known by now was developed based on the i-MiEV which was developed by Mitsubishi Motors Corp where the Koreans had made an enhanced version which can travel further and takes lesser time to charge. The BlueOn can travel up to 140 kilometers in a single charge that takes 6 hours while the Japanese version takes 1 hour more to charge and travels only 160 kilometers.

The government is also confident that they could by 2014 complete the development of another electric vehicle for mass production in the midsize segment. If that can be done, then it means that they would be 3 years ahead of schedule. The government will be bearing up to 50% of additional cost for government offices if they opt for the electric vehicles instead of the standard petrol cars as part of their efforts to promote the use of the revolutionary vehicles. Apart from that, they are also working toward increasing the proportion of these vehicles to 10% of sales annually for compact sedans by 2015 and then working towards increasing to 20% five years after that.